I was born in early 1969 in Berne/Switzerland where I spent my childhood and most of my life.

After finishing my apprenticeship as a travel agent, I worked in a boutique and a record store until I established my own business as a tattooer and later as an artist.

I love spending my days off in my Japanese garden and outside with nature in general.

Back in 1992, I started an apprenticeship as a tattooer with Marino Bianchera from the Tattoo Rebels in Zurich. He taught me all the basics of tattooing such as how to solder my own needles, the importance of studio and equipment hygiene and of course how to draw and place the tattoo on the customers body.

To continuously expand and deepen my knowledge about tattooing, I have travelled many countries: the Pacific Islands, Japan, Mexico, Borneo and many more.

I love tattooing as it was meant in the old days – a unique tattoo for an individual, that will last for a lifetime.

While travelling through Mexico in the early 90ies, I discovered another passion: the three-dimensional works of contemporary folk art like the Nicho Shrines. I was fascinated by the art of creating tiny worlds into which one can immerse oneself – like peeking through a window. I started learning the old techniques of reliquary work used in the monasteries in Switzerland. In 2010, I started crafting a series of reliquaries sculptures made from textiles. This is work in progress.

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2019: Museum Halle Saint Pierre in Paris/France
2018: Gallery Arts Factory in Paris/France
2017/18: Next Door Gallery in Geneva/Switzerland
2015: Gallery Kunsthausrot in Berne/Switzerland
2015: Ladies Ladies Artshow in New York/USA
2013: Dropin‘ Gallery in Lausanne/Switzerland
2007: Freaks on Tour in Haarlem/Holland
2005-14: Artsouk in Berne/Switzerland

2019: Hey! Show #4 catalogue
2018: Garden of Secrets female erotic art
2017: Hey! Modern popart and culture

Various tattoo magazines and newspapers

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